Since we connected Rupert, we get true next-gen analytics engagement. My business users and executives now receive highly personalized & actionable insights - they love it. For my analytics team, the ability to track end-to-end engagement allows us to understand and improve our impact.

Ziv Ben-Naim

Team Leader Analytics & Strategy,
Client Services Operations

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How Rupert closes the data-to-business outcome loop, boosting your analytics ROI

Actionable insights, delivered.

Insights are meaningless unless they’re acted upon. Rupert ensures the most impactful insights are delivered at the right time, to the right person, and connects the dots to business outcome.

Set up & deliver alerts people would actually act on, at scale.

Create flexible and custom insight alerts with Rupert’s no-code interface. Save engineering capacity, time, and effort on hacking CRON jobs and APIs to integrate data into day-to-day workflows and get back to finding real insights.

Integrate with any data source
Connect directly to your BI tool and data warehouse to pull insights and data from existing assets and semantic layer.

Make every alert relevant. Build an insight template once and use smart filters to send tailored alerts.

Intelligent triggers
Set simple and advanced event and data triggers in 2 clicks and let Rupert fire off alerts when it matters most for your business.

Action modules
Integrate with operational applications your business users use (e.g. CRMs, marketing tools) and add actions so they seamlessly act and capitalize on an alert.

Engage and take action on timely opportunities

Engaging insights are delivered directly to where business users and executives work, immediately driving them to take the appropriate business action, without context switching.

Alerts where you work today
Public channel or personal inbox, get timely alerts where they’re most relevant for the business situation at hand.

Recommend next steps, discuss and share the insight, provide feedback, and further explore the data in tools you already use.

Take action!
Improve your business results by taking actions directly from the alert, utilizing integrations to your business applications.

Subscribe to alerts you care about
Control what you receive to make sure every alert is relevant, for you.

Measure, attribute, and celebrate business impact

Monitor and measure the impact of your analytics assets on business outcomes to evaluate and boost ROI on your analytics investments.

Insight life cycle visibility
Follow the journey of your insights. From initial insight deliveries and impressions through engagement and action taking on it.

Shout Outs

Celebrate team wins by attributing downstream business impacts to the analytics assets that drove them.

A verified confidence boost.

You rightfully fear that stakeholders can’t find the data they need in your ever exploding self serve BI instance or worse - that they act on data you’re not signed off on. They also fear.
Rupert reassures everyone sleeps well at night.

Verify vital content and metrics

Guide users to sanctioned content through scheduled verification and clear ownership. Let them know when they’re in uncharted territories.

Assign collaborators to critical assets
Great assets are a collaboration between analysts and business stakeholders. Take and assign owners to individual assets so everyone knows where to go, and you get credit.

Automate re-verification
Create simple rules ensuring stakeholders don’t use irrelevant or outdated business assets.

Broken content un-verification
Avoid panic of stakeholders consuming broken content. Automatically ‘un-verify’ assets until they’re safe to use.

Know where to go

No more scavenger hunts to find the right report or metric. Get recommendations on valuable content and search in-context for insights, whenever and wherever needed.  

Consumption portal
AI powered recommendations so you never have data FOMO or lose on business opportunities. Find content in a curated environment built for you.  

Use natural language search using the most advanced engine in analytics to find the trusted answer you’re looking.

Updates & welcome kit
Be updated with changes in assets you care about; Receive a welcome kit when you join a team so you know the assets that are key for your success and how to work with your analysts.

Gain control without losing agility

Self-service BI has led to an explosion of abandoned content and runaway reports. Stay up to date when a business stakeholder is lost and explores data they shouldn’t.

Stakeholder feedback
Know when insights are doing the job, and when they’re not. Get quantitative and qualitative feedback on your alerts and content for continuous collaboration and improvement.

Risky consumption notifications
Get notified when consumers use unverified content, offer an alternative, or verify it if it is safe to use.

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